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In this episode we make the neo-classic treat .....a BACON EXPLOSION ...Start with the bacon "weave", then stuff it with sausage, peppers, cheese, more cheese...then, a huge coating of TASTY LICKS BBQ COMPANY'S SMOKINGUITARPLAYER'S ORIGINAL BARBECUE RUB ... yes, we make it in our store then take it outside and grill it on a new wood-pellet fired grill! You can watch all or our cooking and grillin videos at http://www.fredsmusicandbbq/com


In this episode, the SmokinGuitarPlayer and his trusty sidekicks (Toby and Dallas) take a "first look" at the new Daniel Boone Model pellet grill from Green Mountain Grills. Watch as they unbox and assemble the unit and you get a detailed look at what you will get if you order one from us at Fred's Music & BBQ supply (www.fredsmusicandbbq.com)


In this episode of Pickin N Grillin, the SmokinGuitarPlayer aka Fred himself shows us hot to easily light a ceramic grill using one of those little "fire starter" cubes that he sells. He'll show you how to light it and how to determine when its ready to cook on. Remember you can get EVERYTHING for a Big Green Egg or any grill at http://www.fredsmusicandbbq.com. Lots of other good informative cooking and grilling videos on that website also ! See you there! HERE WE GO!


Another installment of the video series called Pickin 'N Grillin. In this episode, our hero the SmokinGuitarPlayer Fred Bernardo makes BEER BREAD! Now, he drank all the Yuengling (his favorite) so he had to use some Coors light but it worked ok. Watch as he mixes the dough in seconds and bakes it to a beautiful aromatic and flavorful loaf of cheese-beer bread on a Green Mountain pellet grill ! YUM !


In this episode, the SmokinGuitarPlayer (Fred Bernardo) shows us how a NEW, NOMEX gasket is replaced on a Big Green Egg. Watch Fred and his helpers scrape away the old gasket and gunk, spray on the new glue and finally stick on the new, NOMEX gasket. When done correctly, this gasket will fix one of the fatal flaws inherent with the Big Green Egg , the sealing surfaces are not machined and are not perfectly flat so they don't mate perfectly so you gotta have a good gasket to use the "Egg" correctly. This video is brought to you by Fred's Music & BBQ Supply in Shillington, Pennsylvania and by Tasty Licks BBQ Rubs and Spices (www.fredsmusicandbbq.com www.tastylicksbbq.com )


Another installment of the grilling show "Pickin N Grillin" featuring the SmokinGuitarPlayer Fred Bernardo. In this video we're making burgers! Covers everything from selecting the correct ground beef to food area prep to basic "construction" of the burgers so they don't puff up into meatballs when they come off the grill.


In this episode, the SmokinGuitarPlayer, Fred Bernardo shows us his method for cooking PERFECT babyback ribs every time. He even shows us hot to make "the Secret Sauce" ! Yes, the secret is revealed. Watch part one , then watch this episode and you'll amaze your friends, family, and maybe even yourself with your great ribs! and if you really want to be a barbecue hero, subscribe and watch the entire series!


We're here in "south Jersey" where the "topneck" clam rules. Fred Bernardo , the SmokinGuitarPlayer from www.fredsmusicandbbq.com will show you how easy it is to steam your clams on your grill !! Get the melted butter ready and hit play! Big Green Egg fans will notice that we cooked on a Medium Egg. Remember that Fred's Music & BBQ Supply is headquarters for all "Eggheads"


Babyback ribs are a barbecue "staple" and everybody has "their way" of prepping and cooking them but most agree that the papery membrane has to go! On this video, our hero the SmokinGuitarPlayer shows us hot to remove that pesky membrane from the "underneath" side of our babyback ribs. This is the first step in making great ribs on your grill or smoker.


Another installment of our webcast series "Pickin N Grillin" brought to you by Fred's Music & BBQ Supply in Shillington, Pa. (www.fredsmusicandbbq.com). In this issue, the SmokinGuitarPlayer, Fred Bernardo shows us the first step to making home made bacon! See how the cure is mixed and applied and the bacon is packaged to "cure". Watch for part 2 coming soon !


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